Jean-Luc Godard and Breathless

First off reading the article where Jean-Luc Godard is being interviewed, I was given a good first impression of the guy. He spoke in ways about cinema that gave me joy and reminded me of the reason to love it. His words really spoke to me on how film is an amazing art form and […]

Hitchcock’s Vertigo almost gave me vertigo!

This was my first time fully watching Vertigo, and it really was a great experience. It almost feels like two films put it one, where the second half gives the audience all these plot twists that the first half needs to be seen again. As I left the class, the image of the vertigo effect […]

Double Indemnity

This was the first time I’ve ever seen or really heard of this film. After it finished I didn’t really feel amazed or surprised as much as the previous films shown in the class. Citizen Kane showed me how much work can be put into creating a grand environment for a film. Not even one […]

Orson Welles Interview

To start off I have never seen an Orson Welles film, so being unfamiliar with his work or characteristics, I am coming into this fresh and intrigued. With the small information about the film’s score, what caught my attention was the ending of Orson’s note to¬†Herrmann, “I love you dearly.” I understand this has little […]